Samantha Bodie, Owner + Designer of Design Persuasion

Samantha Bodie loved to experiment with shapes and patterns from as young a kindergarten. Growing up, she took all the art classes she could and later enjoyed being on yearbook staff, laying out pages. When college rolled around, she knew she had to go into graphic design.

Originally from Aiken, South Carolina, Samantha graduated from the University of South Carolina in 2004 with a bachelor’s in art studio and minor in business administration. After graduation, she worked for Fain + Tripp, a retail-focused advertising agency in Atlanta. In 2008, she relocated to Augusta, Georgia, to join Ocozzio, a business-to-business marketing firm.

In 2014, Samantha started her own business because she wanted to engage more with clients and be able to build strong relationships with them.

Her favorite part about graphic design and website work? Helping businesses make the right first impression. She knows that she succeeds when her clients succeed, so she does everything in her creative power to make her clients’ designs shine. She has now helped businesses make that great first impression for over 13 years.

Early on, Samantha noticed that graphic design does 1 of 3 things:

1. Educates
2. Informs
3. Persuades

Samantha’s specialty is design that persuades viewers. Her eye-catching, innovative designs engage and compel viewers to take an action.

Are you ready to be persuaded? Give us a call at 803-393-1368 or email

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Rebecca Best
Marketing Strategy

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Tom D'Abruzzo
Promotional Products

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Kayla Kling
Content Development

I love helping people express themselves with polished content. I put into words what they want to share with the world, including my clients’ ideas, passion and goals. It is so exciting – and humbling – to serve as their storyteller!
I found my calling in high school when I worked on our yearbook. Learning about my classmates and then creating content around their stories progressed into earning a journalism degree in college and ultimately, a career in creating and editing content.

Beckham Ruff
Content Development

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Rachel Shaffer
Content Development + SEO Strategy

I knew there were businesses out there–particularly small businesses—who felt as though their voices were not heard. I love to use my skills in writing to become their voice. Plus, I get to use my skills in SEO (search engine optimization) to make it so that their voice can be heard across the internet. After all, if your website can’t be found on Google, does it really exist? Helping businesses thrive is what I love, and I’m so glad I have a skill set that can aid them.
I grew up playing competitive video games (I know, I’m a nerd), and honestly, SEO is so much like a video game it’s not even funny. I have a lot of fun finding many different ways to improve a website’s writing and SEO and watching it all accumulate (kind of like powering up a character slowly over time in video game). 

Mariah Shealy
Social Media Management

I love getting the opportunity to help and serve others! Whether it’s with wedding planning or design projects!


I have always been drawn to design. I love the feeling and satisfaction I get when the entire project comes to life. It’s the best feeling ever!

Gary Sullivan

I really enjoy watching the creative process unfold before my eyes, from concept to design, from design to print, from print to market impact. I’m a “people person”, so I love working with my clients and seeing them get excited about the process as well.
What inspired me to get involved in this career is a big part of my testimony, there’s no denying that it was God’s plan for my life. Ask me sometime, I’d love to share my story….

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