A goal-driven approach

What’s your website’s purpose? Design Persuasion takes a goal-driven approach to building websites to help you get the most out of your online presence.

Here are some examples of goals that your website may have:

•  Persuade viewers to contact you
•  Persuade viewers to buy a product/service
•  Provide information
•  Build a relationship between your business and readers

We make your goal the basis of your website design and create every page to accomplish that purpose.

Design Persuasion’s Golden Standard Websites

Our websites are:

User-friendly   |   Easy to navigate   |   Built on WordPress   |   Responsive   |   Aesthetically pleasing   |   Created with a goal in mind

we build responsive websites

Despite its importance, not all web designers make their websites responsive. At Design Persuasion, we build WordPress websites using responsive design, which is a must for websites these days. Responsive design means that the website works on mobile as well as tablet screens, making the website easy to navigate on all devices, which in turn increases your customer traffic.


Let’s Get started on Your Website

Call 803-393-1368 or email hello@bepersuaded.com if you want your own golden standard website design by Design Persuasion, a graphic design studio located in Aiken, South Carolina.